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neighborhood revitalization
4 point plan


Build a vibrant, liveable

& inclusive neighborhood.


Leverage assets, investments

& coordinate programs.


Promote culture, economic opportunity & resilience.


Engage with members 
of the community.

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The Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP) Planning Area is located at the gateway to the city of Atlantic City. The Atlantic City Expressway connects Philadelphia and points west and north of Atlantic City. Many commuters and visitors traverse this highway and traverse the Ducktown neighborhood. The goal of this plan is to enhance the visual and aesthetic appeal of Ducktown and to make this area a must-see destination.


NJ Department of Community Affairs Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit Program

The Atlantic County Economic Alliance, a private non-profit economic development group has volunteered to bring its business, economic development, and redevelopment experience to the Ducktown Neighborhood of Atlantic City to assist that area by “pulling itself up by its bootstraps.” The ACEA has a record of making a difference in Atlantic County. We want to bring this drive and experience to a small part of Atlantic City and demonstrate that meaningful change is possible.

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The Ducktown Neighborhood Revitalization Plan

The Ducktown Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy is a collaborative effort between the Ducktown Neighborhood Steering Committee comprised of local residents, community leaders, business owners, and representatives from local institutions, the City, and the public at large. This resident-driven plan is focused on improving the quality of life for residents and planting the seeds for a broader transformation of local parks, schools, housing, and businesses. This document represents countless hours of work volunteered by dedicated residents and stakeholders wishing to make Ducktown a better place to live, learn, play and do business.

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Current Progress and the plan for 2024

The Ducktown Neighborhood has implemented many improvements over the past year. Here is our plan for the next year. As always, this plan focuses on improving the quality of life for residents by transforming local parks, schools, housing, and businesses.

Click on the image to see full plans.
Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 10.50.11 AM.png


Contractors, sign up on the ACIA's website to become an approved contractor and be added to the register. Becoming an approved contractor means that you can be selected for many grant based projects that will revitalize the community.

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Visit our page on the ACEAs website!

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