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Ducktown Business Micro Grants

The Ducktown Business Micro-Grants are an entrepreneurial support system committed to seeing the growth and development of underserved populations with an emphasis on minority-owned businesses in the City of Atlantic City's Ducktown Neighborhood.  

Grants support projects that strengthen and revitalize small businesses with five or less employees for:

  • Financial Relief: provide a source of funds that can be used for various purposes such as covering operational costs, purchasing equipment, or investing in marketing efforts.


  • Business Development: support business growth by allowing owners to invest in areas that might otherwise be out of reach. This could include website development, digital marketing campaigns, staff training, or product development

  • Innovation and Creativity: give businesses the financial boost needed to experiment with new products, services, or business models. This can lead to increased revenue streams and a unique value proposition.


  • Community Engagement: help businesses engage more effectively with Ducktown community through events, workshops, and collaborations. This strengthens the business's relationship with its customers and fosters a sense of belonging in our neighborhood.

  • Job Creation:  expand their operations, hire more employees.


  • Stability and Sustainability: provide a buffer during lean times, helping businesses weather economic downturns and maintain their presence in the neighborhood.


  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: encourage entrepreneurship by making it more feasible for individuals to start their own businesses.


  • Preserving Identity: continue to offer distinctive products and services, preserving Ducktown’s identity in the face of urbanization and gentrification.


Additionally, we will need copies of these documents from you in order to process your application:

  • Proof of current property tax paid 

  • Proof of current property insurance paid 

  • Proof of current liability insurance paid 

  • Last two calendar years of business taxes (private business) 

  • Last two calendar years of 990 (nonprofits) 

  • Contact information of business owners (private business) 

  • Contact information of board members (nonprofits) 

  • Copy of current Atlantic City Mercantile License 

Please email these documents to after you submit your application

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Ducktown Business Micro-Grant
Do you anticipate any new job creation within the next 12-24 months?
Would you be interested in programs to train and assist your employees to develop their skills?
Do you have a funding need or gap?
Certification Status (Select all that apply)
Do you identify as an LGBTQ+ business?
Are you an immigrant owned business?
Would you be interested in presenting before the Ducktown Neighborhood CDC and receiving real tme feedback and assistance?
Can the Ducktown Neighborhood CDC connect you with a small business service provider and/or community based lender to assist you wth any business-related needs or challenges?
What business milestones would you like to achieve in the next 12-24 months?

Thanks for submitting!

Please email your additional documents to

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