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Ducktown Poetry Trail


Murphy Writing, the Noyes Museum of Art of Stockton University, and the Ducktown Community Development Corporation worked on a collaboration in 2020 and placed an open call for poetry.

The goal was to place poetry that speaks to the Black Lives Matter movement or other social justice issues/movements around Atlantic City’s Ducktown neighborhood in a visual way—whether embedded in an object, painted as part of a mural, or something else creative. The visuals include QR codes to lead visitors on a self-guided tour of the exhibit: The Ducktown Poetry Trail.

All poems are below for a digital tour experience.

Travis Love - The Luck of the Jelly Fish
Dimitri Reyes - Disposable Masks, 2 for $3 in Black Marker
Sean Urbina - Refugee-Fugitive
Joanne Harris-Duff - BLACK MAMA
Christine Salvatore - Becoming Writers
Peter E. Murphy - Doing Time
Joel Dias-Porter - GRAMMAR LESSON
L’Oreal “ElleVintage” Chrisp - Dear Brothers.....
Miguel Eichelberger - Don’t Move
Stephanie Angelini - Estadounidense
Ras Heru Stewart - In Celebration of a Fatal Baptism
Marina Carreira - Pandemic
Jorrell Watkins - Soulless
Loretta Walker - Stiletto
Jenifer Joseph - The Swimming Pool Dried Up Last Night
henry 7. reneau jr. - we don’t say it’s wrong, says it’s right
Shawn Jones - Admission of Guilt
Eric DeVaughnn - The Star-Spangled Banner
Belinda Manning - Grand’s Home
Cole Eubanks - No Black Man Killed During the Writing of this Poem
Dorsia Smith Silva - Shame in the Shade of Blue
Emari DiGiorgio - How to Use Your White Tears
John Repp - The Peninsula
Maya Caulfield - The Double
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